The Authors

Shad Callister

“Like you, I grew up on Tolkien, Narnia, and Star Wars, but I never quite got enough. I had the feeling there was an even better story out there somewhere, just beyond my range of sight. I’m still looking for it, and I suspect I always will be.

I write sci-fi and fantasy novels from my home in the western US. You can reach me at  with feedback or questions. Thanks for reading– it means a lot.”

Algor X Dennison

“Post-apocalyptic sci-fi is a particular area of interest for me, so I wrote the Denver Burning series to explore what might actually happen if the U.S. power grid went down. I added  action, intrigue, and romance to make it a fun read, but make no mistake– the events depicted in this five-book series are based on solid research. Enjoy the read, and make sure you’re geared up for anything. There’s no telling what the future will bring.”

Scott Baird

“I love sci-fi and fantasy stories too much to just read them; I’m compelled to write as well. With a background in filmmaking and a love for good novels, I’ve always been immersed in story-telling. The rise of ebooks, print-on-demand, and audiobooks has opened up worlds of possibility for authors willing to brave the business of publishing outside of the traditional industry. I’m excited to explore it all alongside my fellow creatives and see how far we can go with the amazing new titles Barde Press is putting out.”

R.H. Grimly

I have terrifying memories of being the last kid in the basement, and having to turn out the lights and run for my life to the stairs. Books like Goosebumps probably helped me cope (all while hiding their secret agenda of fueling a kid’s love for reading). I wanted to pay homage to those stories and the nostalgia I feel for them, while having fun, terrifying new adventures– and of course pushing my own evil plan of getting kids nowadays to put down their phones and develop the same love of reading I did.”

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