Meet the author: R.H. Grimly

R.H. Grimly was born with a fortunately sinister name. He grew up on Goosebumps, Wait Till Helen Comes, and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and has one goal: to get kids excited to read, and scare them silly while doing it (okay, that’s two goals).

When he isn’t writing scary books, he’s usually writing screenplays for films. He lives near Park City with his wife Leah and their four kids.

“I have terrifying memories of being the last kid in the basement, and having to turn out the lights and run for my life to the stairs.  Books like Goosebumps probably helped me cope (all while hiding their secret agenda of fueling a kid’s love for reading).  I wanted to pay homage to those stories and the nostalgia I feel for them, while having fun, terrifying new adventures.  And of course pushing my own evil plan of getting kids nowadays to put down their phones and develop the same love of reading I did.” 

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R.H. Grimly reading “Wildman of Shaggy Creek” to some 5th-graders in 2020. The teacher remarked: “That is literally the quietest they’ve ever been.”