The Official FRIGHTLAND Fan Club

Do you love what R.H. Grimly is doing with these fun, creepy adventure stories? You’re not alone. Here is what a couple of your fellow fans are saying:

“I really liked this book! There were lots of twists and turns, and every time I finished a chapter, I just wanted to keep reading. I burned midnight oil to finish this book. Two Thumbs up!”

—Simeon C. age 11, Utah, USA

“Remember that time we got so scared by The Wildman of Shaggy Creek you had to sleep over in my room all night?”

—Hazel B. age 7 (to her 9-year-old brother), Idaho, USA 

R.H. Grimly’s Master Plan

And books 1-4 are only the beginning. R.H. Grimly is planning to write twelve books in this series. Each book is a self-contained novel, but the stories exist in a shared universe and if you read closely, you’ll discover easter-eggs and details that tie everything together throughout.

Want one more sneak peek at the master plan? After the full 12-book series run, the author has plans for a special 13th novel that brings the whole FRIGHTLAND universe together in a thrilling climax with many of the characters and monsters all thrown together! 

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