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Tooth and Blade

A new epic fantasy trilogy

On the shores of a new land filled with deadly monsters, a different kind of mercenary company is forming up. The men of the Tooth and Blade will fight for Ostora, to protect the people of this frontier from the dangers that stalk it.

But there’s a long road ahead for Captain Pelekarr of the cavalry and Damicos of the foot soldiers: the Kerathi military has pulled out, and the barbarian tribesmen are massing for battle. Every day brings new threats from the forest, and somewhere deep in the wilderness lies enough wealth and power to not only change the future of Ostora, but of the entire world.

If the Tooth and Blade can claim it for themselves, they’ll become legends. But they might die trying.

Books 1 and 2 in this series are available on Amazon. Book 3 is scheduled for release next year.

Map of Ostora (Tooth and Blade)

Ostora, the wild new land explored by the mercenaries of the Tooth and Blade.



Machines of Eden

When he first awakens on the beach of a lonely tropical island, Sergeant John Fletcher has no idea what he’s in for. He’s a battlefield hacker, a veteran of the Green Wars that nearly tore the Earth apart, and he prefers wires and circuits to trees and mud.

But the island’s mechanized inhabitants missed the memo that the wars are over, and he now faces a complex new foe in the heart of this hidden jungle facility, one with a far-reaching and deadly plan to restore the planet– at humanity’s expense.

Ebook available now at and other online retailers.


Young Starfighters: The Taur War

An unknown race of humans from beyond charted space are invading, but humanity fights back with young ace Deckham Bannison at the tip of the spear. Flying drones into combat with his wingmen from the safety of a mobile space station, he pummels the enemy fleets wherever he’s ordered.

But there’s something else going on behind the scenes, and Earth’s strategists aren’t telling the young pilots what they need to know. Deckham organizes his own investigation between combat missions, uncovering more and more of the true forces keeping humanity at war with their mysterious enemy.

What he ultimately discovers will unravel everything he thinks he knows about this war.

Ebook available now at and other online retailers.



In this movie novelization adapted from the feature film from Firespire Productions and Arrowstorm Entertainment, NASA picks up three signals of extraterrestrial origin coming from within our own solar system. Commander Roger Nelson pilots an experimental long-range spacecraft, the Magellan, on a solo mission to discover what’s at the source.

Guided only by an onboard A.I. and a stream of increasingly delayed dispatches from his wife, he visits Saturn’s moon Titan, Neptune’s Triton, and eventually the distant dwarf rock known as Eris. What he finds there forces him into a far-reaching decision that will shape the future of humanity itself.

Authored by the screenwriter, Scott Baird, the ebook is available now at and other online retailers.

Heroes Woodwall Cover Redesign-01

Heroes of the Woodwall (free prequel)

This prequel novella to the upcoming Sixlands series of YA fantasy is available for free when you sign up for email updates from Barde Press.

It follows the adventures of two young men, Evon and Tamman, as they train to become guardians of the massive Woodwall that forms the boundary between their kingdom and the wolf-men that inhabit the vast northern forests. It introduces the two young women who will share the epic quest that begins in Book 1 of the Sixlands series, Ice and Steel.

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Denver Burning Series

In Get Out of Denver, the American power grid is taken down, leaving McLean and Carrie to make their way overland to a survival retreat in the Colorado Rockies along with a variety of friends and allies.

Later books in the series follow these and other characters’ efforts to survive and thrive in post-apocalyptic circumstances, and ultimately to fight back against the shadowy forces that brought about the end of the world as we know it.

Author Algor X. Dennison sold tens of thousands of ebooks when he first self-published the series in 2015. Barde Press has now re-published the entire series with updated cover art and minor improvements to the text. (Note: Book 5 Rescue from Denver was previously titled “Lionhearts”. The story remains the same.)

Buy Book 1 on today for only $0.99 and join thousands of fans on this gripping journey of survival.