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Book 1: The Wildman of Shaggy Creek

Something lives in the woods behind Scott’s new house. It’s big, it’s hairy, and it smells worse than a dead skunk in the rain. When Scott accepts a dare to camp in the woods all night, Hailey is the only friend who will help him. But Scott doesn’t really believe in the creature lurking along Shaggy Creek—it’s just a story, right?

Cover art by Tim Jacobus, interior illustrations by David Romero

Book 2: Why I Don’t Sleep on Feather Beds

Gavin and his sister Torrie aren’t thrilled to be staying at Great Aunt Ethel’s farm. It’s in the middle of nowhere, Aunt Ethel is a little weird, and Gavin is forced to sleep on an old, lumpy feather bed.  Then Gavin discovers something worse: the lumps are moving. Torrie thinks he’s just crazy—there’s no way something’s alive inside the mattress—until the lumps begin to hatch…

Cover art by Flavio Greco Paglia, interior illustrations by Daniel Brown

Book 3: The Bones at the Bottom of the Lake

Fiery lights at night and a ghostly figure at the end of the dock are making Jacie’s stay at a summer cabin on the lake eerie enough. But when her younger brother Cal pulls bones from the water with his fishing pole and a strange girl named Chloe warns them to put it all back, Jacie starts to wonder what’s really hidden at the bottom of the lake.

Cover art by Flavio Greco Paglia, interior illustrations by Dan Brown

Book 4: Donut Shop of Doom

Something about the new donut shop and its seriously weird baker doesn’t sit right with Bridger.  When people start disappearing and a mysterious green light is seen in the back of the shop at night, it’s up to Bridger and his friend Sage to figure out what’s really going on before everyone is consumed by the deadly donut craze!

Cover art by Steve Hake, interior illustrations by David Romero

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