New and Upcoming Releases

Now available: FRIGHTLAND, a new horror book series for young readers that will keep you reading all night with a flashlight under the covers.

The FRIGHTLAND books are inspired by the classics we grew up on, such as Goosebumps and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Featuring cover art by original Goosebumps artist Tim Jacobus and more fantastic cover and interior art by several other artists, this series fits right into the nostalgic vein of 90’s middle-grade horror (but kicked up a notch or two). Find out more here

Paperbacks and ebooks are available now at Amazon for the first four books in the series: The Wildman of Shaggy Creek, Why I Don’t Sleep on Feather Beds, The Bones at the Bottom of the Lake, and Donut Shop of Doom.


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Barde Press has two epic fantasy series in production, and more coming in the science fiction and epic fantasy genres. Sign up for email updates if you’d like to be notified about launches for these exciting book projects.


TOOTH AND BLADE: A Bronze-Age mercenary company hacks their way through a new land filled with monsters. The first two books in this epic military fantasy series are now available at Amazon, and book three is coming soon. Fans of Robert E Howard, Glen Cook, and Brandon Sanderson will love this thrilling new entry in the genre.

Click here to be notified about this and future releases in the series, and get an exclusive fan-pack of free stories and artwork.


ICE AND STEEL: Also from Shad Callister, book one in this YA high fantasy series follows four young refugees on a quest to find help for their frozen kingdom. Full of magic, heroic battles, and a little romance, this quest story will launch soon with a free prequel available now when you sign up to be notified of the series release.